Perfect Temperature To Come Here and Fish

Perfect Temperature To Come Here and Fish

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The lake temperature out here has been between 61-63 degrees making it the perfect temperature to come out here and fish for the small and largemouth bass! The bass have been biting a lot recently with the favorite bait for our anglers being nightcralwers. If you prefer to use lures shad imitations are working well for the bass and smaller Kastmasters or spinners worked on the bottom. Crank baits or rattle traps can also work for the bass. Many of them are being caught along the weed patches that run along that lake or at the rock points that jut sharply into the water. IOf you are fishing from shore, consider the south end of the lake, the habitat there is perfect for the bass to spawn.

The trout bite is still going strong with many anglers hooking into trout using power bait or mice tails, the corn yellow power bait of the chartreuse colored mice tails are the preferred baits out here. Throwing a small Kastmaster out and slow rolling it can also land some trout, many of the trout are hanging along the sandy beaches that dot the narrows or are running in the back of the coves. If you are fishing from shore the east beach is the preferred destination, many anglers also fish the west beach next to the swim area.

The catfish bite out here is slow but steady with many fishermen hooking up fishing the fallen trees that dot the shorelines, the catfish right now are also moving in the reed patches if you see a carp moving the catfish are probably around.

The striped bass have been slow lately, but they are still moving gout here as the shad start to spawn when the water heats up. Keep an eye out for the striper action to pick up. The best things to try for the striper out here is soaking anchovies around the narrows or trolling large trout imitation swim baits, wavers or savage gears with a trout pattern can be popular.

As the spring season roll around the perch fish bite has also picked up with either mini night crawlers or red worms  being their favorite snack. Toss worms at weed beds near shore can be a good way to get your kids onto these fish!

Good luck out there the warm months are going to brings some good fish in!

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