Del Valle Lake Fishing Report

Del Valle Lake Fishing Report

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The lake temperature out here at Lake Del Valle has been mostly upper 60s for the early morning and going up to 71-72 degrees during the day. It will probably stay like this for the rest fo the summer season making it the perfect temperature to come out here and fish for the striped bass. Many of our anglers are limiting out on stripers early in the morning because the stripers are chasing the shad that are quite active in the morning. 6am to 8am is the best time to try and striper fish. Rubber flukes with a split tails are the favored plastic to use really any kind of shad imitating swimbaits trolling larger swimbaits can also be a good way to increase you luck. Many of our striped bass are being caught in the Heron Bay Area or the upper narrows later in the day. If you prefer bait fish you can use cut anchovies which have produced a lot of stripers recent. Sardines can be an alternative bait.

The trout are still getting caught out here with may tout mostly being caught on scented powerbait, the chartreuse green or corn yellow is the favored baits to use adding any extra scent to it will increase your catching ratio. The trout are defiantly more attracted to the scent if you want to cast lures. Shad imitations are going to be the key small 1/2 or 1/8 spinners or Kastmasters. The trout can be found in the center of coves drifting your bait in the middle of these coves or casting your lures towards the shore will be your best bet if you are fishing from shore. The East beach area is still going to be your best bet for the trout they are also like to eat nightcrawlers, mini crawlers are their favored type of worm to eat.

The small and largemouth bass have been biting well and are mostly trying to defend their nest this is where you will get the most of your stripers from. My recommendation is to throw crank baits or rattle traps, larger jerkbaits can also work. You want to have something that has some displacement to get the bass on the defensive, if you can figure out where they are nesting that is the key to patterning bass.

Fishing with braid line is recommended because the bass are in a lot of structure, nightcrawlers and Senkos are also popular to use out here either with a Texas rig or wacky rig. If you have the gear to drop shot the Senkos then dropping these along the rockwalls will get the smallmouth especially interested. From shore you are going to want to cast at or near the cat tails that span along many parts of the shoreline.

The catfish bite has been slow but there are still huge catfish out here. Anchovies or mackerel are their preferred baits to bite on out here target the catfish by casting your bait as close to the fallen tress without staging as possible. Braid line is also recommended.

The perch fish are still biting strong right now with the bluegill loving the mini nightcrawlers you can find these fish anywhere where there is any sort of structure to hide under these are always fun fish for the kids to catch.