Del Valle Lake Fishing Report

Del Valle Lake Fishing Report

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The lake temperature out here at Lake Del Valle has been hovering in the high 70s. Making it great weather to striper fish out here. Many of our striped bass are moving in the Heron Bay Area preferring that stay near the shorelines out there. Later in the day the stripers move down to the upper narrows. Bait wise you are going to want to use cut anchovies or sardines, casting your bait as far out towards the channel as possible is the key to hooking up. If you prefer to use lures split tail swimbaits or topwater spooks are what really interest the stripers. Any sort of shad imitations can give you a lot fo good luck when you are out striper fhing you are gong to want to cast lure at the sharp points along shore in the deep areas around the lake.

The cat fishing has been slow out here but its still a good bet to use anchovies or larger mackerel throwing these baits near a fallen tree as close as possible with out getting snagged is the key to getting the catfish on your line. Many of our catfish also enjoy nightcrawlers. You can really find the catfish whenever the carp are rolling out here and the catfish live to  hand out in any real structure.

The small and largemouth bass are moving out here but are a little lethargic, I see them only really moving to defend their fry or nests so if you are going to want to target them you want something with some displacement such as a rattletrap, crank bait, or a spook. Most of these bass are going to be by the cat tails or reeds mats that you can see around the entire lake area. Braided line for bass fishing out here is recommend because the bass will snag you the second they get on your line. One can also use larger night crawls or Senkos to get the bass interested usually the bass will hit the worm or worm imitations on the drop.

The trout are almost out of season with only a few caught using smell baits, if you are still determined to trout fish out here the Heron Bay Dam area is going to be your best bet because this area of the lake has the deepest and therefore the coolest water. You are definitely going to want to go deep to find the trout they will be in the middle of coves or channels. The spring green or chartreuse colored powerboat added any extra scent such as a fop bait garlic scents work the best.

The perch fish out here are also moving the small nightcrawler or red worms casting them at any structure along the shoreline will usually precise these fish. Small bass jigs can also work if you work them slow, many of our perch fish are aggressive so be ready fo fast action or keep moving!

As always enjoy the rest of your week and please be safe out there. My personal thought and prayers are with the people who lost their lives out here at Del Valle since the last fishing report.
-Captain Jacob