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Yippeeeeeeee!!!!  After all the good thoughts and wishing for summer to be here and warm up in the Eastern Sierra, it finally has woken up and given us some much needed sun and fun.  With the sun and warm has come lots of water that is pouring out of the high country and dumping into all the lakes and tributaries, which is very nice to see.  Silver Lake is as full as it can be and Grant Lake is so full it is spilling over the spillway at the end of the lake.  These are all good problems as long as it doesn’t come to fast.  We love to have the water and are very thankful for all of it.  With that said about the water, Silver Lake is still super cold (between 45 and 48 degrees) which is keeping the catching side of fishing still a little tough but it is slowly starting to turn.  DFW dumped a load into Silver this past week, as well as Rush Creek and we should be getting a few loads of Desert Spring Big Boys over the next couple of weeks.  Anglers have seen some decent results using Night Crawlers, Berkley Pinch Crawlers, Power Baits with Garlic and some Heavy Weight Mini Jigs.  Think about starting to shorten that leader from 4ish feet to about 2ish feet for the next few weeks until the water gets warmer then start to make that leader longer again as the weeds start to grow on the bottom of the lake.  Hot spots lately seem to be at the inlets of both Rush Creek at the far end of the lake and where Alger Creek dumps into Silver by the rental boats.  Those fish love to catch what is coming out of the creek as it flows into the lake.  Remember, it is OK to switch things up when you are fishing.  Try longer and shorter leaders, try different bait and lures and flies.  Each fish is looking for different things so try it all.

This weeks fish pictures are dedicated to all our young Anglers, as Summer is Officially here and schools are out!!!  Get out of the house, put down your phones down and pick up your pole or rod and come on up and enjoy the beauty of the Eastern Sierra.  While we all know the catching side of fishing is great and fun, but remember just getting out and enjoying the view and the air of the Eastern Sierra and the June Lake Loop is really what it is all about.

Happy Fishing and We Will See You at The Lake!!!!

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