Fishing the Klamath on fly twitch

Fishing the Klamath on fly twitch

Scott Caldwell
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First time Klamath fisher Jeff Fink had great day yesterday on river. The weather was outstanding and the Steely Trout were biting.

I showed Jeff how to give the fly life as I like to call it and that was the ticket to getting bit, while swinging his fly through the fast moving water. Simply jerking the line or twitching makes those hairs on the fly pulse and the Klamath fish love it. Of course the type does matter and you can see it in the picture. 

The fish on the Klamath have been holding in the faster slots on the upper river. That made for perfect opportunities to swing a fly as well as backtroll them. A 200 grain blended #7 Rio line works perfectly right now for swinging and backtrolling. 

We also spent time backtrolling the good old jet diver/worm combo in similar water and had good action as well. Jeff finished the day catching an releasing 15 Steely Trout while splitting time between both gear types. 

The weather is excellent and the fish are biting in the Lakes and River so give me a call or book online at and let's put summer trip together.

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