Happy Fourth of July Week!!!!

Happy Fourth of July Week!!!!

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We hope that everyone is enjoying the fourth of July week long celebration and that you are able to spend some time with family and friends.  Here at Silver Lake Resort, we have been busy with our own BBQ’s and Horseshoe tournaments, stocking lots of beautiful Desert Springs Rainbows and enjoying the beauty of the June Lake Loop and Eastern Sierra.  we hope that if you made it up to the Loop that you were successful in your catching of fish, as there are a ton of fish to be had throughout the entire loop thanks in part to the boys at Ernie’s Tackle and Ski Shop who through the fundraising of their great patrons, were able to put 100 pounds of nice Rainbows from Desert Springs into each lake in the loop.  We followed up that great load by adding 250 pounds of our own Desert Springs load into Silver Lake, which has made catching here at Silver Lake pretty darn good!!!

We have seen some good success on the Silver Lake and Rush Creek this past week with some of the standard baits and lures as the fish haven’t changed what they eat, they have only changed when and where they eat.  Worms have done really well the past weeks, especially where the tributaries (streams and creeks) dump into Silver Lake.  The one thing that makes a successful angler is the ability to change your leader in depth to find the areas that the trout are feeding.  Start at 3 feet, go to 4 feet, try 5 feet and continue to mix it up until you find that good depth where they are feeding.  Berkley Power Baits have done well as always and Berkley came out with a few new flavors this past week in the flavors of Bumble Bee, Mallow Glow Red Fleck,Gold Vein and Silver Vein.  They just came in yesterday so we will let everyone know how they are working.  Thomas buoyant also came out with two new colors in Cut Throat and Bleeding Frog which look great and should produce nicely as look great!!!!  If you like to toss some flies try Mosquitoes, which are out in full force, an Elks Hare Caddis or Royal Wulff.  Streamers are starting to hit as well as Olive Matuka Red Gill and Rainbow Hornberg have done well.

The fish are out there for the taking, the sun is shinning and the people are everywhere so get on out there and get it done!!!

Thanks to everyone who came and participated this past Thursday for our annual 4th of July BBQ and Horseshoe Tournament.  It was an incredible day by all and was super fun.  The Horseshoe Tournament had 30 teams and was non stop fun in the sun.  Thanks to all our RV Par ladies and Gents who helped make baskets to raffle off with all the proceeds going to the Chris Jones Memorial Scholarship.  It was an Incredible day, thanks to everyone!!!

Happy Fishing and We Will See You at The Lake!!!

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