Virginia Lakes Fishing Report

Virginia Lakes Fishing Report

Carolyn Webb
(760) 647-6484

The stock truck arrived Thursday (9/5) from DFW with  more trout. It was a nice surprise to watch them put in the water and again they were all very nice size.

BAIT: Oops, salmon peach powerbait took over the last 2 days, but crawlers are starting to pull them out. Micetails are hitting good with several color combinations. Natural bait will take the lead if it gets to warm up this weekend.

LURES: Red/gold 1/6oz Buoyant

FLY AND BUBBLE: Dries are at the head of the menu unless you have a better method of presenting that bubble. Good thing is that the bats
are on the water in the evening once again and glad to see them as the bugs are above water now.

FLY RODS: Been tough with the inconsistent water temperature

BACKCOUNTRY: No reports this week other than Blue lake at the outlet. Small dries on fly bubble or small lures.

BACKCOUNTRY: Dries are still going off, unbelievable action when the cloud cover provides relief for all the shallow waters.

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