Phenix Rods Sponsored Shark Trip

Phenix Rods Sponsored Shark Trip

James Smith
(510) 417-5557

Today we had a Phenix Rods sponsored shark trip hosted by Vince Borges. Fishing was light out to say the least. Everyone had a chance to pull on at least one shark. Including 3 sharks (all of which were released) estimated weights of 275, 300, and 350 pounds!! We kept a few smaller ones to split up amongst the group. After some very tired arms, we opted to switch over to a very “wide open” striped bass bite. Fish hit everything including swimbaits on surface. Too early to quit I switched over to solid Halibut and finished up with over a fish per rod on them. The angler with the top fish (which was released ) scored a Phenix Axis rod donated by Phenix.

Final count

30 striped bass (12 limits plus crew)
17 Halibut
7 seven Gill sharks 3 kept, 4 released (275, 300,350 pounds)
1 soup Finn shark 40 pounds

I have room this coming Wednesday and Thursday

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Trip Photos

California Dawn

Captain James Smith Jr.
California Dawn Sportfishing
Berkeley, CA