Fishing Has Been Very Good The Past Few Days

Fishing Has Been Very Good The Past Few Days

Del Valle Marina
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Fishing at Lake Del Valle has been very good the past few days for Rainbow Trout, Catfish, Stripers. Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass have slowed down going into deeper water, because on the surface the water is cold, and they like warm water which is in deeper water. Crappie and Panfish can also be caught near trees and rocks you would want to use Red Worms or Night Crawlers. The water level is very low due to East Bay draining the water in anticipation for the Winter rains coming.

Weather: The past few days have been sunny with light rain showers. Mornings have been cold, but it warms up throughout the day.

Clarity of water: Murky about 3-foot visibility near the Marina, once you get past the Lower Narrows it clears up and it is about a 13-foot visibility.
Temperature of lake: 55 Degrees F.

Hot spots: Across from Marina, Lowers Narrows, Venados Group site, Badger Cove, Swallow Bay, and the Dam

Favorite lures Trout : Rapalas, Kastmaster, Spoon: Green/Orange,  Mice Tails- Chartrouse, Kastmaster Gold, Panther Martin Fire Tiger, and Rainbow color Power Bait.

Bait: Trout-Large Night Crawlers.
For Striped Bass- Anchovies, Clams, Swimbaits.
Catfish- Sardines, Anchovies.

December 23rd- 1000 lbs. MT Lassen Trout
January 2nd -1000 lbs. Mt Lassen Trout
January 7th- 1000 lbs. Mt Lassen Trout
January 9th- 1050 lbs. DFG & 1000 lbs. Mt Lassen Trout

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