Non Social Fishing on the the Klamath

Non Social Fishing on the the Klamath

Scott Caldwell
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Klamath Report - This whole situation is difficult at best for everyone and remaining positive clearly has been extremely tough as well. My life as a fishing guide is all about social interaction, as well as putting my clients on fish. Obviously, the social part is not possible now, but what I can do is stay in touch with the fish. 

My son Conner and I were able to get out for a few hours in the afternoon on the Klamath river yesterday. We both took turns rowing and getting some much needed exercise, more me than Conner Haha. The Steely/Trout bite was pretty good too.

We caught fish while casting rapalas, back trolling worm an diver and 3.0 maglips. We  caught and released 10 fish up to 5 pounds. These fish were hungry and smashed our offerings on every hook up. On my next report/post I will give another how to on the use of the diver. 

I will continue to do my part in regards to social distancing and my business will remain on hold until we can fish together with piece of mind. 

What will I continue to do is stay in touch with the fish as best as I can, while navigating this situation. I am fortunate to live in area that allows me to get out and not be around people, other than my family. What I will also continue to do is offer positive words, pictures and how to fishing advise. 

I am trying to make the best of this situation and focus on the positives. One of those positives clearly is my family and getting to spend time together. We are all working hard to not get on each others nerves. Let's just say that it is not easy sometimes.

 Yesterday, Conner and I both realized how long it had been since the last time we were in the driftboat together. I'll take that little positive every time. Hang in there all!!


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