Saltwater Fish Reports

For the week of April 12, 2021

Monterey Bay: Salmon limits to be had on Monterey Bay: We’ve seen better... more »
Allen Bushnell (Updated 2021-04-16)
San Francisco Bay: Pens Are Full With 3-5 inch Anchovies : We opened up... more »
Sean Hodges - J&P Bait (Updated 2021-04-14)
Big Cs Charters: Live Bait Halibut Trip: Family fun today... more »
Christian Cavanaugh (Updated 2021-04-17)
Halibut is On The Menu: Halibut is on the menu. We have room Thursday,... more »
Christian Cavanaugh (Updated 2021-04-16)
Halibut Limits: Awesome day with good friends catching limits of... more »
Christian Cavanaugh (Updated 2021-04-14)
California Dawn Sportfishing: Had a fantastic finish on the Halibut today: Had a fantastic... more »
James Smith (Updated 2021-04-17)
Halibut up to 21 lbs. : More solid fishing on the Halibut today. We... more »
James Smith (Updated 2021-04-16)
Fantastic Day on The Water: We had a fantastic day on the water... more »
James Smith (Updated 2021-04-15)
Cal Dawn Report: Finished up the day with over a fish... more »
James Smith (Updated 2021-04-14)
First Day of Live Bait Fishing:             First day of live bait fishing. We had... more »
James Smith (Updated 2021-04-12)
Fish Emeryville: Islands Produced Limits: Good Evening TigerFishermen, The... more »
Allen Chin (Updated 2021-04-17)
Great fishing aboard the New Huck Finn today: Great fishing aboard the New Huck Finn today.... more »
Jay Yokomizo (Updated 2021-04-17)
Great Day at The Farallon Islands: Another great day fishing the Farallon Islands with... more »
Jon Yokomizo (Updated 2021-04-17)
Awesome Fishing Again: It’s awesome fishing again after over 3 months... more »
Jon Yokomizo (Updated 2021-04-16)
Outstanding weather and fishing today: Good Afternoon TigerFishermen,   Outstanding weather and fishing today for... more »
Allen Chin (Updated 2021-04-15)
Ventured out to the Islands: Good Afternoon TigerFishermen,   The weather subsided today allowing us... more »
Allen Chin (Updated 2021-04-12)
Half Moon Bay Sportfishing: Off shore salmon fishing : ... more »... more »
Wallace Klughers (Updated 2021-04-17)
Salmon : Another great day of salmon fishing below Pigeon... more »
Wallace Klughers (Updated 2021-04-14)
Kahuna Sportfishing: King Salmon: Fish are biting... more »
Carol Jones (Updated 2021-04-12)
Lovely Martha Sportfishing: Lovely Martha Saturday fishing report. : 4/17/21. Today was... more »
Mike Rescino (Updated 2021-04-17)
Lovely Martha checks in with 4 fish a person!!: 4/16/21. Today was another fantastic day catching 4... more »
Mike Rescino (Updated 2021-04-16)
Another great day of halibut fishing!!: 4/15/21. Today was another great day on the... more »
Mike Rescino (Updated 2021-04-15)
Lovely Martha checks in with LIMITS of bass!!: 4/13/21. LIMITS!! Today was another great day on... more »
Mike Rescino (Updated 2021-04-13)
Started the live bait season with a bang!!!: 4/12/21. LIMITS!! What a great way to kick... more »
Mike Rescino (Updated 2021-04-12)
Riptide Sportfishing: Salmon charter : Pigeon point salmon... more »
William Smith (Updated 2021-04-18)
Deep reef rock fishing : Ahoy! we went out to the deep reef so... more »
William Smith (Updated 2021-04-16)
Salmon fishing at Pigeon Point : Ahoy there, we had another great day of salmon... more »
William Smith (Updated 2021-04-14)
Salty Lady Sportfishing: Central Bay Striper LIMITS !! 😎🐟🎣: LIMITS of Striped... more »
Jared Davis (Updated 2021-04-14)
SooHoo Sportfishing: Day 2: It was a... more »
Jeffrey SooHoo (Updated 2021-04-15)
Day 1 : Everyday is different. Grade was definitely smaller today... more »
Jeffrey SooHoo (Updated 2021-04-14)